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Les débuts les plus réussis

Our History

Our Value


2008-2018 eQSEco celebrated 10 years


January 2019 : eQSEco puts volontary an end to its consulting activities.

Pascal JAY thanks all its clients first, and all the vendors / suppliers he collaborated with for the last past ten years.

eQSEco offers a specific partnership in Quality Management and Regulatory Compliance mostly based on the coherence with strategy and policy, the operational work, the mutual confidence, and the human relationships.

eQSEco did design its own methodologies notably for the implementation and improvement of management systems, the assessment and management of risks, the change control, the problem solving etc.

Quality Management and More

Assistance, Advice, Audit, Due Diligence and whole set of Services in Quality, Risk, Project and Management


Life Sciences Quality - R&D Quality

Expert in Quality and Management Systems dedicated to Life Sciences.

Expert in Quality and Management Systems dedicated to Research, Development, Innovation, Studies, Assays, Analyses, Measurements, Design and Collaborative R&D.